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An Immersion into Windows 8 with JFW

Understanding Windows requires not only a knowledge of the keystrokes necessary to access the computer but also a solid foundation in the concepts of Windows and the special features of the screen reader which brings the computer into focus.

Access Technology Institute is pleased to announce the release of a comprehensive Windows 8 textbook that focuses specifically on blind and visually impaired computer users. This Windows textbook explains the keystrokes necessary to accomplish a task but also offers instruction on the concepts and reasons for the actions being taken.

The Windows 8 interface is explained in detail from the basics of the Start Screen through using the Charms, File Explorer, the Command Bar and much more.

While instruction in the basics is included, this textbook also take students through the advanced features of Windows. This textbook provides a solid foundation in the use of Windows and Windows applications.

This textbook was written with the blind computer user in mind and is the most complete reference available to blind and low vision students who wish to learn windows 8 and is now available for purchase from ATI.

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This textbook is available via digital download and includes the following:

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The cost of this textbook  is $90.00 and is a digital download.

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