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An Immersion into Outlook 2010  with JFW Table of Contents

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Sharing the Document

The Display and Configuring Outlook

Outlook Backstage

Configuring the Options of Outlook

General Category

Mail Category

Configuring Email Accounts

Editing an Email Account

Deleting an Email Account

Setting a Default Email Account

Enabling the BCC field of a the message form


Creating a New Signature

Editing a Signature

Deleting a Signature

Disabling the Reading Pane of Outlook


Navigating Among Folders

Sending/Receiving Email

Downloading Email

Changing the Status of Messages

Reading Email

JAWS Commands for Reading Email

Find Commands of Outlook

Finding Text within a Message

Find Related Messages


Changing the View of the Message List

Replying to Email

Sending Email

Forwarding Email

Sending a New Email

Inserting a Signature

Changing the Format of Email

HTML Formatted Email

Adding Hyperlinks to HTML Formatted Email

Inserting a Picture into an HTML formatted Email

Inserting a Horizontal Line into an HTML formatted email

Sending Email from Alternative Accounts

Attaching Documents to Messages

Configuring Options of an Email


Alternative Reply Address

Save Message to an Alternative Folder

Delay Delivery

Expiration Date

Request a Delivery Receipt

Request a Read Receipt

Resending an Email

Quick Steps

Creating a Quick Step

Using Quick Steps

Creating Different Kind of Quick Steps

Executing Quick Steps

Editing and Deleting Quick Steps

Folder Management

Selecting Items in a Folder

Spell Checking with JAWS for Windows

The Folder List

Add an item to the Navigation Pane Favorites

Remove and item from the Navigation Pane Favorites

Navigating the Folder List

Creating New Folders

Copying Items to an Existing Folder

Copying Items to a New Folder

Moving Items to an Existing Folder

Moving Items to a New Folder

Deleting Items within Folders

Deleting Folders

Renaming Folders

Finding Messages

Configuring the Mailbox Display

Creating Message Rules

Creating a Rule from Within a Message

Creating a Rule within the Rules wizard

Running a Rule

Deleting a Rule


Configuring Contact Options

Creating a New Contact

Creating a New Contact

Sorting Contacts

Opening Contacts

Deleting Contacts


Creating a New Category

Deleting a Category

Renaming a Category

Saving and Closing the Contact

Associating Contacts with other Contacts

Locating Items Associated with a Contact

Saving and Closing the Contact

Attaching Documents to Contacts

Adding/Excluding Contact folders to/from the Outlook Address Book

The Outlook Address Book

Sending a message

Sending messages to multiple recipients

Deleting Address Book Contacts

Adding Contacts to your Address Book

Creating Contact Groups

Using the Address Book from within a New Email Message


Configuring the Calendar Options

An Introduction to the Outlook Calendar

Going to a Date within the Calendar

Creating a New Appointment

Setting a Reminder

Setting Recurring Appointments

Time Zones

Saving and Closing the Appointment

Attaching Documents to Appointments

Opening and Editing Appointments

Deleting Appointments


Configuring Journal Settings

Creating a New Journal Entry

Saving and Closing the Journal entry

Sorting the Journal List

Opening Journal Entries

Deleting Journal Entries


Saving and Closing the Task

Assigning Tasks

Canceling Task Assignments

Attaching Documents to Tasks

Sorting Tasks


Creating a Note

Reading Notes

Selecting a Note View

Associating Notes with Categories

Deleting Notes

Customizing the Current View


Group by




Other Settings

Conditional Formatting

Format Columns

Define Views

Creating a New View

Copy a View

Modifying a View

Renaming a View

Deleting a View

Outlook Advanced Find

Messages Property Sheet

More Choices


Clearing a Search

Junk and Adult Content Email

Configuring the Junk and Adult Content Features

Configuring Junk Email Options


Safe Sender

Adding a Safe Sender

Edit a Safe Sender

Remove a Safe Sender

Safe Recipients

Adding a Safe recipient

Edit a Safe Recipient

Remove a Safe Recipient

Blocked Senders

Adding a Blocked Sender

Edit a Blocked Sender

Remove a Blocked  Sender



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